Free WordPress website setup

Not sure where and how to start your online blogging journey? Starting point is very important for website creation. Once a website is created, you can concentrate on building content and get visitors. BasicWP offers free WordPress website setup to anyone around the world. Is there catch in this … [Continue reading]

Teach clients WordPress using video tutorials in Dashboard

WordPress is more than just creating a simple blog with few blog posts. You can create complete website portals with custom functionality using platform. Lot of people hire WordPress developers and designers to create custom looking website for their businesses. Once the WordPress … [Continue reading]

How to transfer Posterous blog to WordPress

Posterous is a popular blogging platform which was acquired by Twitter in 2012. Posterous has announced closing of service by April 30, 2013. All existing Posterous users must be disappointed with the announcement. However, with so many blogging services - there are lot of options for Posterous … [Continue reading]

How to embed Vine videos on WordPress blog

Vine videos are rage over the internet. Vine service supported by Twitter allows you to create short videos of upto 6 seconds. You can share these videos on Twitter and Facebook websites. Similarly bloggers can easily embed, display and share Vine videos on their WordPress blogs. There are number of … [Continue reading]

Change max width or disable auto embeds in WordPress 3.5

WordPress version 3.5 removed few settings like using custom uploads folder and configuring auto-embeds (oEmbed) options. Now from WordPress 3.5 onwards, the auto-embed feature is automatically enabled by default. This means, if you paste URL of any Tweet, Youtube video, Flickr image - it will show … [Continue reading]

How to convert Posts into Pages in WordPress

Posts and Pages are two different ways to show content on WordPress websites and blog. While Pages are used for more static content like: About, Contact Us etc - posts are used for dynamic and regular content updates on the website. Sometimes we need to convert content published as 'Post' into … [Continue reading]

Create & add multiple Image galleries in WordPress posts

Do you want to add multiple image galleries within post on WordPress powered website or blog? Till now, we had to restore to workarounds of using relevant plugin or building manual gallery code. However, with new WordPress 3.5 (and above) creating multiple photo galleries only involve few mouse … [Continue reading]

How to add new widget section on homepage in Genesis

You may want to add a new widget section on homepage of your Genesis powered WordPress website. New widget area can be used for any type of widget content like for showing featured posts, responsive slider, introduction tagline text and so on. Create new widget area on homepage in Genesis 1. Add … [Continue reading]

How to show content warning age verify pop-up in WordPress

Internet offers content for everyone from kids to adults. For web publishers offering mature and sensitive content on their websites, it is recommended to display "content warning" or "age verification" pop-up box to visitors. This aptly informs user about nature of content they are about to view. … [Continue reading]

3 ways to find WordPress theme name website is using

Just saw an amazing website using WordPress and now interested in knowing the name of WordPress theme being used? In addition to custom WordPress themes, there are lot of pre-made WordPress themes. So, making a guess on WordPress theme name by just looking at website is an "impossible" idea. … [Continue reading]

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