Keep parent menu highlighted while hovering over sub menus

Setting up sub-menu items for a main menu item is an easy routine through drag and drop in menus section of WordPress Dashboard. In majority of WordPress Themes, when you hover over sub-menu items the parent main menu item is no longer highlighted. Do you want to keep the main parent menu item … [Continue reading]

How to make each Menu item of different color in Genesis

By default, if we change background color or hover background color - the color of whole menu is changed. Do you want to style each menu item with different background color? Like first menu item has red color, followed by items with colors like: yellow, blue and so on. This is very easy to … [Continue reading]

Disable & check automatic WordPress updates feature

WordPress 3.7 is out with lot of new features with most important feature being automatic background updates. Your WordPress software will download and install updates regularly in the background (just like Google Chrome browser). With automatic updates feature, there will be no need to manually … [Continue reading]

Can WordPress Pages have Tags & Categories option

Categories and Tags come real handy for organizing posts on WordPress website. However, by default the option of categories and tags for Pages in not available in WordPress. Fortunately, you can enable categories and tags feature for Pages and make them behave like Posts on WordPress. Add … [Continue reading]

Hide WordPress update notification message in Dashboard

Whenever there is a new WordPress version, you should see notification message like "WordPress 3.6.1 is available! Please update now". It is displayed at top middle part of the WordPress Dashboard against yellow background. Hence it is hard to miss due to good visibility. However, few users may want … [Continue reading]

Disable multiple h1 tags in Genesis HTML5 themes

If are coding or already using HTML5 child theme for new Genesis 2.0 version - you may have notice multiple h1 tags issue. As per traditional SEO basics - there is suppose to be only one H1 tags on every page. Like on single post page, H1 tag wraps the post title giving it maximum importance for … [Continue reading]

Allow JPG & disable BMP image uploads in WordPress

JPEG (JPG) is most efficient image format and is preferred format for uploading and displaying images on the internet irrespective of publishing platform. Due to its small size, it consumes less server resources and loads much quickly for users. BMP image format is exactly opposite with huge image … [Continue reading]

Display Social Media Buttons with automatic Followers count

Do you find usual plain social media buttons on the sidebar boring? Add some interactivity to social media buttons by displaying followers count number next to each. While we can add followers count manually but this way we have to update it every now and then (waste time!). How about social media … [Continue reading]

Show Google+ Badge like Facebook Like Box in WordPress

Facebook Like Box has very practical user interface showing number of likes along with thumbnail photos of users. Google recently released new look Google+ badge widget - which is quite different and pleasing. We have already seen display of Twitter Followers box in the format of Facebook Like box … [Continue reading]

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