How to remove avatar photos from WordPress comments

By default, WordPress support avatar photos feature in the comments section. As a result, every commenting user has unique avatar photo displayed next to his comment in comments section of WordPress websites. Avatar photo feature is enabled for every WordPress install. So, as per choice or requirement: you may want to disable this feature and remove photo avatars from appearing in comment section of your WordPress website.

Disable & remove photo avatars from WP comments

1. In your WordPress dashboard, goto Settings > Discussion to open “Discussion Settings” page. Scroll down to bottom and look for “Avatars” section.

An avatar is an image that follows you from weblog to weblog appearing beside your name when you comment on avatar enabled sites. Here you can enable the display of avatars for people who comment on your site.

2. Click to select “Don’t show Avatar” next to “Avatar Display” option. Then click “Save Changes” button to confirm on settings change. Once you make this change, no avatar photo of any commenting user will be displayed in the comments section of your WordPress blog.

Besides disabling avatar photos, there are more options to configure avatar photos like selecting different avatar photo (there is even blank option!) and assigning audience rating visbility for your avatar image.

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